Youth League

Introducing the future of refugee soccer in Utah. These “kids” have probably been through more strife and seen more scary things than most adults in the USA ever have or will. They carry a certain hope and faith about their own futures and new life here in the United States that is inspiring and palpable.

These kids play soccer as a way to have fun and release the understandable stress that comes from looking different, practicing a different religion, speaking English as a second language, etc. here in Utah. They already work hard and have amazing skills but we believe we can increase their

Our first team is the Somali Stars. Look at these boys! Ready to roll and all they need is a few teams who are unafraid of a challenge, of engaging with them on and off the soccer field, and possibly learning a few things by playing with them.

If you know of a team like that put them in touch with our founder, Adam, at or mobile 415.203.3763 ASAP.


The Somali Stars. A rag-tag team playing together for about 2 months ready to step up and play as many mainstream teams that will play them. Oct 2, 2016.



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