Nigerian Footballers


We are delighted to bring a unique and powerful program to you, the footballers of Nigeria, to connect you with our network of coaches, scouts, educators, and business leaders.

Despite Nigeria’s consistent power as a youth football program we believe that the talent of too many footballers is wasted because there simply is no connection to the people and programs outside Nigeria that would most benefit from the heart, strength, and dedication these footballers embody.

We aim to fix that. BRIDGES is bringing the resources and technology to help these “Soccer Refugees” find homes for their talent and create the life they most want on football and business careers.

And with our refugee Soccer app (coming soon) we are literally putting your future in your own hands.

Read on and take action NOW to join us to make the most of your life. How many once-in-a-lifetime chances do you get?

Here is how the process will flow:


Our Refugee Soccer program is available to the millions of aspiring young footballers in Nigeria.

Want the chance to get in front of the line to the opportunities we are bringing? Then pre-register TODAY.

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Once you have pre-registered we will contact you immediately with instructions to pay the official registration fee of 6,500NGN and launch your profile on our showcase.


Once officially registered we help you post your profile on our website showcase which is seen by scouts, coaches, and educators regularly who are looking for players just like you.

This is the simple flow for how YOU can start TODAY and be on our website showcase in just a couple of short weeks:

After you’ve received the welcome email and made your payment visit here to verify the payment and receive the special link to complete your profile.


Every six months we lead a team of foreign scouts, coaches and players to Nigeria to conduct day-long talent camps to showcase yourself individually in front of people and programs that can help you achieve your highest goals.

In addition to the chance to be placed on football and/or educational programs overseas we also offer camp competition and prizes for standout players, including a rare chance to play against a team of foreign players in a friendly exhibition match.

We limit the maximum participants to 500 players per camp. Registration and registration fee are separate from the website showcase registration fee. Learn more and register here.


After you have completed either the website showcase profile and/or the talent camp participation we help you sort through your best options. We make no guarantee that you will be the next Drogba or Messi but we commit to helping you find YOUR best path forward and help you do what you want to do in football, school, or business, or all three!


Pre-Registration: July-August

Official Launch: August: informational seminars, on-site registration, introduce app

Talent Camp #1: September: Camp run by foreign coaches and scouts invited by BRIDGES to seek talent and personalities best suited for success in overseas football, educational, and business markets.


The details of how to make the payment of 6,000NGN will be emailed to you AFTER you have Pre-Registered. Then you can become officially registered.


Now is the time to work with us and seize the chance to take realize your dreams and convert your hard work and passion into actual results. Register below.

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