Through our two programs, Save-A-Thon For Africa and Refugee Soccer, we come across hundreds, and soon thousands, of talented footballers in Africa. The most common desire of these players is to use their talents to take them out of their country and make a life for themselves and their families supported by their passion for the world’s sport.

The problem is that very few African footballers have a real shot at finding and connecting with clubs, coaches, and institutions that can actually provide the opportunities they seek and, we think, deserve.

The mission of our parent company, BRIDGES, is to help every individual live their best life possible. Accordingly, we are launching a dedicated effort to connect African footballers with clubs and schools outside of Africa by providing the network, the technology, and the people necessary to expose their talents to the football world outside of the Continent.

Check out a few images of our history in Nigeria because once you see what we’ve done already you can get a better idea of where we’re going.

Save-A-Thon all started with co-founder, Kylie Miles and has been further built by dear friend and brother, Dickson Egbukonye.


  • BRIDGES provides a robust technology platform and network to expose African football talent to various foreign markets.
  • BRIDGES offers professional motivational training to help each player tap into and realize their full potential.
  • BRIDGES creates a “sifting” process for ALL of its clients and guides them to their best life option.


  1. Connectivity to multiple football markets = multiple shots on goal = higher likelihood of success.
  2. BRIDGES performance training enables each client to improve their life regardless of where their football career ends.
  3. Exposure to the BRIDGES educational and business network provides valuable opportunities beyond a football career.


We are starting our efforts in Nigeria, the most consequential country on the Continent. Nigeria’s population, market size, and established soccer prowess makes it the most logical country in which to launch.

If you are a Nigerian player or coach, or if you just want to see the details of what we are doing, then click the flag below to learn more and register to get involved right now.


Let’s go!

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