Let’s Go!

Refugee Soccer is a unique platform that connects refugees with mainstream Americans through soccer.

The global refugee crisis and the response of the USA presents various problems but the most critical issue is finding ways to make these newcomers feel truly welcome in their new country and help them integrate into the local community. The government can’t do that. Only we, the people, can!

Refugee Soccer boldly makes soccer the connector between the refugee and the mainstream communities. If you love the game of soccer, then let’s play!

And if you are ready to work on your “American Dream” then let’s get to work. Utah is consistently named the #1 state for business and there are abundant opportunities to work together to help the state stay that way.

So, welcome to you! Let’s use the world’s sport to bring us together. We all share the same country, the same state, and the same cities so let’s see what we can do by coming together and focusing on the things that make us more alike than on what makes us different.

We’re starting with soccer…

Let’s go! Click here to learn more and get going.

Adam Miles, Founder

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