The refugees on our platform understand how to deal with and overcome hard challenges. Challenges unlike those we may never see in the USA: the atrocities and heinous acts of war and sometimes daily life so prevalent in the past and present of the numerous countries from which these refugees have come to the USA. In today’s hyper-competitive business environment you want the strongest, most resilient people on your team. You will find just those types of people within the refugee community here.

These refugees are not asking for a handout or “something for nothing.” Most of them merely want you and the companies you represent to look beyond their color, their clothing, their accents and focus like a laser on their potential. Then show them opportunities to help tap that potential.

Isn’t that exactly how your company got started? Isn’t that exactly how your company continues to grow?

Here are several ways you can engage the refugees NOW and support them on their way to a more productive path toward self-reliance and reaching their potential.

  • Host a monthly “chalk talk” at your offices. Refugee and Mainstream players come together for some food and drinks and share stories about challenges and solutions to overcome them.
  • Host company site visits and teach the refugees about your company.
  • Provide training and/or internships to qualified refugee applicants.
  • Provide funding for equipment including equipment, balls, jerseys, etc.
  • Sponsor transportation for players to get to/from games and business outings.

If any of these engagement opportunities are of interest, or you have other ideas, please complete this brief form:

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Or if you just can’t wait then email our CEO, Adam Miles, right away at adam@refugeesoccer.com. He will get back to you ASAP!

Let’s do this!


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