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So, you love to play soccer? It’s in your blood and you have big dreams to be the best. You have skills and deep determination to reach your full potential.

Want to play at the collegiate or even professional level? We will help you get exposure and make connections that may help with that BUT we are dedicated to helping you with an even more important path: gaining education and job skills that will help you become financially independent. Even if you make it to the MLS, Premier League, or La Liga you can’t play soccer forever and will need an income to support yourself and your family for a long time.

If you play in the Utah Refugee Soccer Tournament league (or some other league) we are ready to engage you individually to help you plan and follow your path to greatness. We love the power of soccer to help individuals and teams work hard together to do great things.

When you join our platform we work hard for you to implement our three-step plan to help you become your best:

1. Engage: Use soccer to inspire you to think beyond the game.

  • Chalk Talks: Soccer as a metaphor for life success
  • Guest speakers: Motivating talks to help you think differently
  • Platform to post your skills, experience, and aspirations.

2. Educate: Teach you to develop your plan for success and how to execute.

  • Offer regular workshops to help you create your own path to success
  • Provide guidance, tools, and connections to implement your plan

3. Employ: Connect you with people and institutions who want to help.

  • Solicit and engage companies, schools, and people with the desire and resources to provide you with a real chance to execute your own success plan by providing:
    • On-site company visits, job fairs, internships
    • Company conferences, events, talks, trainings

We need YOU in our program to make this work.

When you join Refugee Soccer (see yellow link above and below to apply) here is what you get throughout the year:

  • Dedicated individual profile page on the website.
  • Chalk Talks: Two (2) fun, casual gatherings held to discuss soccer and life with both communities.
  • 25% discount off ALL merchandise sold on the website.

What GOOD will all this do YOU?

  • Increase mutual understanding and respect. Make friends.
  • Gain recongition and exposure to mainstream teams, schools, and businesses.
  • Challenge yourself to dig deeper to become a better player and a better human.

So, what are you waiting for?! If you are interested in joining BRIDGES to help you become your best athletically, academically, and professionally then complete the application found via the link below and LET’S GO!


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